Miguel Moreno

Postdoctoral researcher, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna .

Miguel Moreno

Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Mathematics, University of Vienna .

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Publications with Assaf Rinot

2. Gabriel Fernandes , Miguel Moreno , Assaf Rinot , Fake reflection . Israel Journal of Mathematics. To appear.
Abstract: We introduce a generalization of stationary set reflection which we call filter reflection, and show it is compatible with the axiom of constructibility as well as with strong forcing axioms. We prove the independence of filter reflection from ZFC, and present applications of filter reflection to the study of canonical equivalence relations over the higher Cantor and Baire spaces.
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1. Gabriel Fernandes , Miguel Moreno , Assaf Rinot , Inclusion modulo nonstationary . Monatshefte fΓΌr Mathematik (2020) 192: 827 -- 851.
Abstract: A classical theorem of Hechler asserts that the structure (Ο‰^Ο‰,≀^*)is universal in the sense that for any 𝜎-directed poset P with no maximal element, there is a ccc forcing extension in which (Ο‰^Ο‰,≀^*) contains a cofinal order-isomorphic copy of P. In this paper, we prove a consistency result concerning the universality of the higher analogue (οΈ€β„ͺ^β„ͺ,≀^𝑆)οΈ€.
Theorem. Assume GCH. For every regular uncountable cardinal β„ͺ, there is a cofinality-preserving GCH-preserving forcing extension in which for every analytic quasi-order Q over β„ͺ^β„ͺ and every stationary subset 𝑆 of β„ͺ, there is a Lipschitz map reducing Q to (β„ͺ^β„ͺ,≀^𝑆).
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