Miguel Moreno

Postdoctoral researcher, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna .

Miguel Moreno

Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Mathematics, University of Vienna .

Midnight sun in Finland

Mathematical Olympiads

In the past I created I mantained the blog OCM09 , dedicated to train students for mathematical competitions.

Contributions to mathematical competitions

In the past I have contributed with original problems for some mathematical competitions

XVII Olimpíada Matemática Rioplatense (2009).
First and fourth problem, level 3. Fifth problem, level 2. First problem, level A.

XXVIII Olimpíada Colombiana de Matemáticas (2009).
Fifth and third problem, nivel superior.

XIII Olimpíada Iberoamericana de Matemáticas (2008).
Fifth problem.

XXXVII Olimpíada Colombiana de Matemáticas (2008).
Second problem, primer nivel.

XII Olimpíada Iberoamericana de Matemáticas (2007).
Second problem.

IX Olimpíada de Matemáticas de Centroamérica y el Caribe (2007).
Second problem.